Venezuela lacks a serious and responsible opposition

Hace 9 meses.

Venezuela lacks a serious and responsible opposition, as they specialize in acting desperately to continue from one defeat to another, as affirmed journalist José Vicente Rangel during his Sundays program.

“In politics you cannot act driven by despair; Whoever acts like this will sink more and more. That is what happens with the leading cupola of the opposition that leads their followers to distrust their leadership”.

Rangel said that after obtaining the National Assembly, the violent plans against the Government of President Nicolas Maduro have not prospered.

“They set themselves a lapse of 7 months to overthrow Maduro, (…) then they allied with paramilitaries and the underworld, and the result was another defeat for them … Another mistake of their politics has been to put the focus abroad, provoking a new defeat at the OAS. ”

Journalist José Vicente Rangel denounced that the violent sectors of opposition seek to impede the elections to the National Constituent Assembly, after declaring themselves in rebellion against the public order

“There has never been so much accumulation of errors, that thing cannot be called an opposition. (…) Their performance has reached the limit, because they seek to overthrow a legitimate Government. They try to turn their demonstrations into terrorist acts”.

Regarding the events generated last Tuesday in the TSJ (Supreme Justice Court) and the Ministry of People’s Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, Rangel sentenced that these are part of the confirmation of an escalade of violence sponsored by imperial sectors, against which he urged the Venezuelan State to take the necessary legal steps to prevent undemocratic factors from taking power.

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