The Constituent Assembly is the only way for peace and dialogue in Venezuela

Hace 10 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stressed on Thursday that the only way to peace and dialogue is the National Constituent Assembly.

“Enough of violence, Venezuela requires dialogue, that is, a sovereign dialogue without any imperialist interventionism, a dialogue with sovereignty and peace”, said the National President during a meeting with the working class of Guayana zone in Bolivar state.

He said that, despite the adversities that have been imposed during his Government, social advances for the Venezuelan people have not paralyzed, and assured that through the National Constituent Assembly will be strengthened those achievements.

Those elections “Are not a bogus thing,  this is not just another election, no. Perhaps the election of July 30 is the most important election that we ever had to go to”, he stressed, while reiterating that the national peace is at stake.

On July 30 will take place the election of 537 constituents; 173 sectoral members and 364 territorial members, one per municipality, two by state capitals and seven by Capital District.

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