President Maduro: We will write history and in Venezuela will prevail peace

Hace 10 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Commander-in-Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, Nicolás Maduro, during the ceremony and promotion of officers and admirals of the FANB (Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela), highlighted the work that demands the Homeland, of sheltering and guaranteeing the Peace of all Venezuelans.

“The youngest must know that even though we have fought, the history of the Great Homeland is yet to be built, and merits a cohesive, united, disciplined and moralized Armed Forces that loves from its heart the People of Venezuela, to protect it, that conquers Peace, in any circumstances that may come, in the months and years to come, we will write history, the great one’s kind”, he said.

The Head of State explained that the promotion of soldiers who had the privilege of serving the country with Hugo Chavez, knew the Man who was an example in thought, speech and action: “We have to be consistent with our thoughts and values , With your daily words and actions, you have to be an example of moral, honor and coherence between thought, word and action”, he said.

He detailed that the 139 Generals and Admirals militaries are part of the People of the Liberator of Nations; “We have an exemplary, deeply Bolivarian Armed Forces, because it has the values of the liberators”, he said.

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