Parliamentary immunity can not be used to promote violence and destruction of the country

Hace 10 meses.

“Parliamentary immunity is for a free judgement in a political debate; It cannot be used to promote violence and the destruction of a country”; Thus was assured by the Minister of People’s Power for Education, Elías Jaua, during a new “Popular Meeting” on the occasion of the celebration of the 206 years of the signing of the Act of Independence in Venezuela.

The Popular Encounter in its issue number 40, took place in the Military Academy of the Bolivarian Army in Fort Tiuna, where Jaua reflected with the future lieutenants of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), on the political and social situation through which is passing the Venezuelan people, stating that, today more than ever, the skies of the Homeland must be independent.

“At this moment, is in process a preliminary hearing on the merits of the Attorney General of the Republic, Luisa Ortega Díaz, for serious faults in the exercise of her duties and for attempting to unconstitutionally dismiss the Supreme Court of Justice. That is a very serious fact for the Republican life of a country; The mechanisms for choosing or removing Public Powers are defined in the Constitution, nothing can be made outside it”, he said.

In this sense, the Revolutionary leader rejected the call of the opposition for the activation of a plebiscite, calling it an initiative of fascism.

“The figure of the plebiscite is of the dictatorships, in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela there exists is a Popular Referendum, why did the opposition not called for that?. They intend to organize a process outside the National Electoral Council, that is very typical of fascism (…) (Therefore), against the pretension of creating a republican crisis, the option of President Nicolás Maduro, is to call the Original Power of the People”, he said.

House of the Blue Dreams:

The Venezuelan military youth, students of the Bolivarian Military Academy, revealed among anecdotes, what means for them to belong to the FANB.

“Military life is passion and devotion to our Homeland, we the women were excluded before from the military process, but thanks to Commander Chavez we can now be commanders of units and more”, said Johana Salamanca, Auxiliary Marine Guard, while Alejandro Gomez, Ensign Major of the Bolivarian National Guard, said, “We are formed integrally within the different military academies, the values that teach us are those of a patriotic consciousness”.

Jaua said that the Homeland is a fundamental value in itself, and whoever is not aware of it would as well have no soul, “What moves us is hopes and dreams. Long live the FANB, thank you boys, we are in good hands, the sons and daughters of the People”.

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