Campaign of candidates for the ANC should be developed in full equality

Hace 10 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said on Monday that “Throughout the country is already activated the original constituent power”, adding that for the election campaign of the candidates to the National Constituent Assembly will be given a higher level of freedom and union: “Many communication opportunities to present their proposals”.

“I have asked for the highest level of freedom and unity to give maximum opportunity to all candidates” (…). On the other hand, he asked God to pour out his blessings for our country.

The electoral campaign to the National Constituent Assembly, which will begin on July 9, must be marked by greater freedom and breadth; For this the candidates will have tools like the News of the Homeland (Notipatria), issued in a joint radio and television broadcast, to present their ideas, announced President Maduro.

The Head of State invited those elected in the constitutional process to defeat “Bachaquerismo” (Hoarding and usury reselling), as well as the issue of security, including the defeat of the violent ones, as well as work on the perfection of all the Great Missions created by Commander Hugo Chavez.

The information was provided during his participation, in the Bolivar Square in Caracas Downtown, in the national meeting of candidates for the National Constituent Assembly, whose members will be elected on July 30.

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