ANC is a space to achieve an understanding from the political diversity

Hace 9 meses.

The candidate for the Capital District of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Delcy Rodríguez, stressed that this process will mark a milestone in the contemporary history of Venezuela and that will allow the overcoming of the current conjuncture marking a new productive model of the State.

During the “Soberania y Constituyente” (Sovereignty and Constituent) conference, held at the National History Center, located in the country’s capital, the candidate reported that the ANC will be able to defeat the violent groups that have threatened the sovereignty of the country.

She emphasized that the Constituent Assembly is a great national debate and it means the maximum of the battle of the ideas to face the violence promoted by the Venezuelan right wing.

“The Constituent Assembly is a mechanism for reforming the Constitution but it is also a mechanism for political participation. It is the advance that gave the Bolivarian revolution with Commander Hugo Chávez, going from a representative democracy to a participatory democracy”, she added.

The former Foreign Minister called on the Venezuelan people to participate in the Constituent Assembly, regardless of any political and ideological position, since “it is a space to achieve an understanding from diversity and political plurality”.

Finally, she said that against the street calls made by the Venezuelan opposition that intend to boycott the election campaign of the National Constituent Assembly, the revolutionary candidates will come to convince, exchange ideas and decide the fate of the nation with the support of the People’s Power.

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